Friday, 4 March 2016

Snowdrop: The flower that heralds spring

Snowdrop is the flower that always occurs in early spring, no matter how cold it was in winter.Last weekend I was in a forest nearby, just to photograph these beautiful flowers.

The road was pretty long and tiring but wonderful scenery makes you want to get to the end. I left in order to find and photograph snowdrops but until I came to find them, I made many wonderful images of forest landscapes. Nature is a wonderful place that deserves all our appreciation and protection. Unfortunately, some people in place to protect these wonderful natural places, destroy them.

Here are some pictures that show us once again, how beautiful is nature :

After several hours of walking through these places and extraordinary landscapes, we found what we were looking: snowdrops.
Once in this place full of snowdrops, like all fatigue accumulated it evaporated and the feeling that I felt can not be explained in words.

Photographic snowdrops - 2016 , Spring 

Whatever the season, nature is a wonderful place that I recommend to explore it as often as possible. Landscapes and feelings that we will pay them ve are unique and you can not find elsewhere.

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