Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Few words about being a photographer

Because we convince every day, lack of knowledge, culture and education of people in general, but also about quality and what it means and how to achieve maximum quality, which is reflected strongly in the ability to choose if needed a professional photographer and understand his work.

Although these ideas are general and apply to everything we design here only on the photographer and photography, with emphasis on photo events.

Professional photographer, the acceptance of some (wrong in my opinion) is the one who earn money from it. I prefer to associate primarily with the professionalism of execution and quality of the end result of their work. Ie at a very good level up.

So in my opinion it is a professional photographer who owns:

  •  Talent and passion for photography;
  •  Any technical knowledge;
  •  At least a few years experience at a professional level;
  •  Equipment of the highest quality;
  •  A good psychologist of human relationships and managing people.